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Match & Player Sponsorship 2024

Match & Player Sponsorship 2024

Rhys Ward12 Mar - 15:29
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A new sponsorship approach to support social facilities & reinvestment in all of our teams.

As the 2024 cricket season is fast approaching, we hope you are as ready as ever for what we hope will be one of our best seasons yet!

The club is hoping to increase our profile this year and with that, increase the funding we can generate. This will help to support new social facilities and reinvest in all our teams.

During the 2024 season we want to try a new approach to ‘sponsorship’. This is a great opportunity for the club and for all potential sponsors. We are aiming to attract sponsors for each of our fixtures as well as for each individual player.

We’re seeking support from all players, members and supporters to help us find friends, family, employers, clubs, work colleagues etc. who would be willing to sponsor a match or a player during the 2024 league season.

1. Match Sponsorship

It will cost £20 to sponsor a specific fixture/match.

The ‘sponsor’ will get exposure/mentioned on all our public and private social media channels in the week leading up to the match and then again in the match report. We will also include any signposts and weblinks (e.g., to employers or events) that the sponsor would like a spotlight on.

Each captain will be overseeing the process for their team, but we need you to get involved and try to help find the sponsors for each game.

Once you have found them, the process is simple:

  1. Find a sponsor and agree an available fixture date that the sponsor can have (liaise with your captain to make sure the date is free ASAP).
  2. Once confirmed, the sponsor should make a payment of £20 to CLUMBER PARK CC (bank details 60-24-30 / 84596112) and ask them to include a payment reference format of: THEIRNAME_MATCHSPON (E.g., JSMITH_MATCHSPON)
  3. Ensure the payment is made via your sponsor.
  4. Update your captain and let them know any weblinks, tag lines, etc, that the sponsor would like to share.

2. Player Sponsorship
We would also love to hear from any club member, supporter, friend, employer or family member, who would like to sponsor an individual player at Clumber Park CC for the 2024 season.

The cost of sponsoring a player for the entire season is just £30!

Again, the sponsor will get exposure/mentioned on our public and private social media channels throughout the season, but this will be linked to the sponsored players’ performance.

If you’re a current player and you have found a sponsor for the season, it’s simple:

  1. Please get your sponsor to make a payment of £30 to CLUMBER PARK CC (bank details 60-24-30 / 84596112) and ask them to include a payment reference of: THEIRNAME_PLAYERSPON (E.g., JSMITH_PLAYERSPON)
  2. Once the payment is confirmed, please let Mark Dean know the details of the sponsor and any weblinks, tag lines, etc, that the sponsor would like including if we go onto mention them in our social media posts.

If you’re not a current player but would like to get involved in either match or player sponsorship we’d love to hear from you too. The process is pretty much the same, however, please contact Mark Dean by clicking here and he will help support both dates for fixtures and players to sponsor.

We really appreciate your support!

The committee are really excited about the forthcoming season and can’t wait to get started! We hope this additional sponsorship approach is a success for our club; raising our profile as we grow is key to our future!

Thank you,
CPCC Committee

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